August 18, 2018
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Are we, we are... just like mirrors

Most of the folklore that I keep posting on this blog is from what I can recall as far as my memory allows me to. I had a teacher back in school, Ms. Aryama, who used to teach us Sanskrit, and she oft-times talked about the mirroring nature of human beings; as to how humans are just like mirrors, and how our own behavior can go a long way in influencing the opposite person's reaction to your opinions and beliefs.

So, highly inspired from the saying that goes:
Be the change you want to see in the world. ~ Mahatma Gandhi.
She wanted us to behave in the same manner we wished our colleagues or acquaintances to behave in, in order to get them mirror our own spirit and soul.

I was a fan of this philosophy ever since, but the story she used to narrate this was rather weird, to like it or not, as I usually emphasize, is rather subjective, but the point here is it stuck, and that made all the difference.

A weird story, here goes...

nce a king wanted, as kings usually want, to do something substantial. We all seek an escape from oblivion; art, writing and architecture are merely some ways we can get any close.

He thus contemplated and settled on an idea of arranging a painting competition as a quest to find out the best painter in his kingdom. Time passes him by a few days and he decided upon two finalists that would, for a month each, stay in one of the palace’s luxurious halls as the king’s guest and spend their days painting to win, a prize, of course, and then their is, moral gratification.

But wait, what if they cheat? They could’ve looked at each other’s work because they were in the same hall and so the king decided to put a circular curtain around both of their work-spaces.

Thirty long days, it was autumn, the first painter could’ve been painting drawing conscious inspiration from the window he was near to. We couldn’t really guess what the second painter was up to, though, this guy was rather elusive.

The king walked up to them to decide upon which of the two masterpieces would hang behind the walls of the throne for the others to feast their eyes to. The first painter revealed his work.
Jaw dropping realism and attention was paid even to the minutest of details.
And when the second painter removed his curtains, every single soul present around was flabbergasted. Not a word was spoken for what seemed like eternity. Because what the second painter had drawn, was exactly the same as the first one! In fact, it was actually better.
The second painting had a characteristic shine to it that the first one lacked.

But, it was impossible to cheat! Was one of them sneaking around? Negative, the guards, who were appointed on duty to prevent this mishap, but apparently had failed, confirmed. The king, now confused, frustrated and baffled, took to inquiring the two. The second painter explained what had he been doing for the past month.
I didn't paint anything. All I was doing was polishing the surface I should've been drawing on. I kept on doing this till the curtains were lifted. My canvas, by now, had become a mirror. When this mirror witnessed the first man's work, and because the painting was a masterpiece and of great quality, it absorbed and embraced it.

Which tells us to...

Polish our inner selves to get them to be like mirrors, so that the next time we see a good quality, the mirror within us embraces it and the quality becomes one with our own self.