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'Tis the blog. This was my first blog which I created many many years ago. I did not know what I intended to do with this blog.

This blog is —
  • Something food, something fun.
  • Sometimes pizza, sometimes personal.
  • Something car, something cash.
This blog is just AWESOME.

Comment added by Ansh on 20/06/2017. So, it has been years now, this blog has really grown up besides me. Once again to be honest I didn't exactly know what I would've done with this blog, creating a blog back then was a trend picking up in my school, you know the kind of thing you can go around boasting about.

So I went around adding experiences and sharing knowledge, in a sense of a journal. And 'twas your love that kept the blog running, the rising number of pageviews and the amazing readership I received on my posts.

There are other blogs too I write, for example there's this blog on which I write down my (fictional) stories: https://thecatalyser.wordpress.com/. My apologies for the inadequate number of posts, but I write stories only on days when I get up and there's this voice in my mind calling out "Ah! I need to write today! I need to write!".

But most days aren't like this, they're the ones you and me face regularly – there's work to be done, deadlines to be met and promises to be fulfilled. So the most frequently updated blogs are the ones which cover a broad number of topics; like this one. Once again, thanks to you. Keep reading.

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