I'm busy doing [some important work of] mine, I request you to do your own [work].
The art of focus.

It's an important skill taught in martial arts.

And can be used in a multitude of areas. When you're at your grandparent's house, and there's a power cut, you've the entire cool and windy night to listen to stories. Stories inspire us, make us a wiser person and urge us to give life, a different perspective. Ah, so here's the one I was told this time:

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away, a king wanted to appoint a Prime Minister to his court. As it was, and still is, the most important position in the empire, the Prime Minster was required to be a man of supreme intellect.

An entrance exam was organised by the king. Lots and lots of enthusiasts turned up and when the results came out, only 3 candidates were selected for the final test round. After hearing this good news of their selection, these three folks headed out of the king's castle on their way to home.

The only thing they were wishing for was the following day's question paper. Oh how dearly they prayed to Lord to provide them anyhow with at least a mere glimpse of the questions!

Amazingly, the moment they stepped out of the castle, they were taken aback with surprise. Almost all of the hoardings, newspapers, radio (the people who went around from village to village announcing things) talked of the same thing – the following day's question paper. It was out there already!

It went on to read something like this:

Tomorrow, at 10.00 A.M. will report at the castle, from whence the three of you would be led to a chamber. You'll then be locked inside. At the door there will be a lock. You've to open the door. The person who comes out the first will be declared as the Prime Minister by His Highness.
On reaching their abodes, two of those three immediately set out their books and started learning about the types of locks, the mechanisms they work on, the various kinds of puzzles you'll have to solve to open them etc. The third person however quietly went and sat in a corner. Upon asking him, he replied:
I'm busy doing [some important work of] mine, I request you to do your own [work].
Time flew by, in came the silent night. Those two by now had completed most of the literature on locks that was available to them. The third man, however still sat silent. I leave the answer to whether or not he was contemplating life to my dear readers to ponder on.

At 11 P.M. he was again disturbed by the presence of the other two scholarly folks, who once again asked him to study a thing or a two. He again gave the rather monotonous reply of his:

No, I'm doing my work. Please do yours.
Which led them think that he's not suitable for the post of the Prime Minister. Or rather he doesn't want to become one. There's no zeal within him. There's no fire. It's better to leave him alone and continue our studies. And they went back to get immersed in their books.

This man still sat in a corner, and funnily enough because we at this point are expecting something rather extraordinaire, went to sleep. Although his normal bedtime ranged from 11 P.M. to 7 A.M. but that day he chose to wake up at 8 A.M. And that was only to find the book loving mates still studying. Turns out they studied the entire night. They would've slept for around 3 hours or so, if not less.

At 9 A.M. they once again tried to ask him to study, but he remained adamant with his answer. Finally it was time to go for the test.

On their arrival at the castle, they were greeted by the king, who reiterated the question to them. The men were locked and the test commenced. As soon as they saw the lock, the two quickly opened their books to figure out what's the mystery in the lock and how would they be able to open it. The third man however went to a corner and sat quietly. No doubt, he was given crude remarks by them, who urged him to try opening the lock, who knew he could get to be the Prime Minister. Like we expect, he gave his dull reply yet again.

After about half the time it takes to an hour, he stood up, walked to the door, opened it and went to meet the king. The other two was so deeply engrossed in their books that they failed to take notice of the happening in their vicinity. It was only when the king himself entered the door and informed them that your reading would be in vain. The Prime Minister had already been appointed.

The thing that intrigues us, or should if that's not how he opened the door, is what was he doing while sitting in the corner? He was arranging his chain of thoughts. More precisely, he was removing completing the pending thoughts he had in his mind to make room for something which was extremely important. But, wait. How did he open the lock?

He didn't. There was a lock. There was a door. The question wasn't to unlock the lock at all, it only asked them to open the door. The king had cleverly used a deception trick, so the door appeared as if it was attached to the lock which you'd have to open if you really wanted to pass, but what gave its appearance wasn't the reality.

What I want you to know is that he was able to do this with the power of focus. And you should be doing this too. Concentrate at the task at hand. Don't think of a hundred things while working. Finish one first and then deftly move on to the next. I hope to see you reach something as great as our newly appointed Prime Minister's.

Gone are those days in the local vegetable markets in Bhopal, when you would be more tensed about the correctness of the vendors’ weighing scales, than your shopping list. The other day, when I accompanied my parents to the vegetable market, I found that a majority of the vegetable-sellers were selling vegetables with the help of an electronic weighing machine, instead of the traditional pan balance. I asked one of them, “How could you make it possible?”. “We have taken it on rent. Can you see that tomato vendor right there in the centre? He is the one who is giving these machines to us. He charges Rs. 20 per day.”, replied he. He added further, “And do you know, these days he has bought himself a loading auto, and he loads all these machines and gets them transported to another marketplace the next day.”

"Development." I thought at last.

And do you know friends, these people have started refusing polythene bags as well? They are asking people to carry their own cloth bags instead.

Isn’t it all good? :)

Strawberry shake is a great way to rejoice among friends or family. It is a very easy-to-make and a very yummy desert that has this magical quality to just fit into whatever the special occasion is. So here's the recipe of the this treat. Enjoy. :)

  • Strawberries (around 5 pcs.)
  • Milk (250 gm.)
  • Sugar (7 tsp.)
1. Wash and chop the strawberries into pieces and add them into a mixer. I've used around 5-6 pieces of strawberries and removed the leaves over the fruit. You can add a few drops of essence if that's your preference but I personally like it natural.

2. Add sugar. Or don't. Strawberries have this tiny bit of a tangy flavor, if you're a person who doesn't like sweet things you can skip sugar all together. If you're diabetic or have any other diseases which hold you back in eating sugar, I strongly recommend against the urge; strawberry shakes don't taste that bad without sugar.

3. Blend the mixture for till the strawberries are mashed into very fine pieces and make sure it looks like it is in the picture.

4. Add milk and again blend the mixture.

5. Serve. :)

Refer to my mother's blog – http://cookingwithanju.blogspot.in for more such recipes.

Yes, I can understand. You're playing an awesome game. You love the game and want to save it offline. Perhaps you're going to play it later or your internet connection might be slow. The  list of reasons is endless. But whatever may be the reason, there's a single solution. Go for it. Please allow me to show that to you.

Note: No software other than Mozilla Firefox is required.

The steps:
  1. Open Firefox.
  2. Open that favorite game and wait for it to load completely.
  3. Save that page — File  ( CTRL + S ). Remember to set the "Save as Type" to — Webpage, Complete.
  4. Wherever you save, there will be a folder and a webpage file. 
  5. Open up the folder and look for a ".swf" file. That is your game. If there is more than one flash file, it usually is the one named the title of the game. If none are, try them all.
  6. Open that file using any of your favorite browser — Right click, Open with ...
  7. Enjoy the game.

Originally written on 15/11/13, grammatical and other corrections made by Ansh Sharma on 24/06/17.

Yes, they have some. Some special needs. And we need to help them.

I was watching Dynamo, Magician Impossible. Well, I like the show, and the way Dynamo interacts with the local population. I liked one thing in the episode I was watching in the afternoon, which was, I would like to explain, with the help of the reader’s patience — Due to cyclone Sandy, there were some clippings of the news, and while the Senator was speaking, a lady was subsequently repeating his message through the sign language. It was so nice! Now everyone, including the deaf, could understand what he was saying. Isn’t it good? Couldn’t we have it in our own country? Couldn’t we make sure that people with special needs are taken care of and they should be treated with affection, and why not say love? Friends, this is the time to act. Let’s work on this. Let’s make them feel they are an essential part of this community. Think about this and share your views.

HP Printers sometimes notoriously show warnings like the ‘door is open’ and stops printing documents when it isn’t actually open. This, no doubt, could've been an ongoing source of frustration. This is how you can tackle that. And yes, without downloading a thing.

Am currently using Windows 7, but if you play around, you’ll discover for yourself on how to do that on other versions. The problem is chiefly due to the fact that your Print Spooler isn’t responding. Restarting the service should solve the problem.

The steps:
  1. Unplug the printer first (this is important).
  2. Open up the start menu and type in "services" without the quotes. Press Enter key.
  3. Wait for the services pane to open.
  4. Find Print Spooler in the list and (single) click on it.
  5. On the left, there will be a link to restart the service. Click on it. When the service has been successfully restarted, the printer should start working.
Update (Steps for Windows 8.1):
  1. Hit the Windows key to bring up the start screen. Start typing "services".
  1. Next, find print spooler and click on the link to the left to restart the service.

It has been quite long that I have been blogging. This blog is slowly emerging. It has crossed over one thousand (1000) page views. Thank you readers for your support. Due to lack of time I have started micro blogging. I would like to post some of the incidences that I recently came across. Here is a lesson.

During a visit to Aashima Mall, in Bhopal. On 1st November, occasion of Dhanteras. I saw some foreigners there. I wished them a happy journey to our country and of course, a happy upcoming Diwali. He asked my name. Yes, in that little conversation, he threw in a warmth of friendliness and asked my name while shaking hands with me. This, the lesson. We conversed further, but I had already got my lesson.

So friends, do not fail to ask the person's name. It can successfully make the conversation worth remembering.

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